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Hardshell case for phone, compact camera, iPod or your favourite game platform.
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The Boblbee Nano pocket with its impact protective ABS shell and internal foam body provides easy access and the ability to custom fit the interior with the supplied foam dividers.

Perfect for your phone, compact camera, iPodTM, glasses or your favourite game platform such as NDS TM or PSPgoTM. Straps easily to any Point 65 backpack or is carried directly on your belt.

Perfect for your phone, compact camera. glasses or your favorite game platform [fits iPhone 6].


• One high-density foam, one soft foam block.
• Impact protective lacquered ABS shell.
• Protective high-density foam body.
• Water repellent protective foam cover.
• Space divider.
• Camera/phone, game compartment.
• Belt/strap/loop attachment.
• Belt loop carabiner.
Design optimized for media protection.
Fast access and multiple ways to carry.
Customs fits your compact camera,
game console or smartphone.


Size: 4 × 6,7 × 2 in
10 × 17 × 5 cm
Weight: 5,8 oz / 165 g
Internal Dimentions: 3 × 5,5 × 1,6 in
7,5 × 14 × 4 cm
  Fits iPhone 6

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