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A backpack with a rigid shell, a comfortable shelter for your computer and your equipment, a unique protection for your back, all in one product. High protection for the safety and equipment of motorcyclists, skiers, photographers, video makers, TV crews, travelers ...


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Boblbee backpacks also offer innovative solutions in the field of safety for those who carry out the important and wonderful work of emergency response in areas of emergency (Civil Protection, Fire Department, Army, Red Cross ...).

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People who serve in the field of emergencies must, first of all, be equipped with clothing and equipment with the highest levels of safety.

While high visibility clothing is a unique and irreplaceable tool in the field of emergency response, the Boblbee line of backpacks also offers all the safety and comfort features for people working in emergency situations.

Here are some of the revolutionary features of Boblbee backpacks:

✔ Rigid shell for back protection in case of impact with a reduction of negative effects (between 86% and 93%)
✔ Safe use even in adverse weather conditions or in dangerous and emergency situations (e.g. floods, earthquakes...)
✔ Complete protection of gear and electronic devices inside the backpack
✔ Large loading volume (up to 25 litres)
✔ Straps and belts to hang sports equipment or other materials on the outside of the backpack quickly and safely
✔ Ergonomic lumbar support that provides optimal weight distribution and reduces stress on the back
✔ Increased user comfort through maximum stabilization of the backpack on the back and reduction of load movements

Professional Show, official distributor of Point 65°N products, thanks to its experience in more than 35 years of activity in different sectors (television studios, flight simulation, security systems, entertainment, etc ...) engineers professional systems that are often used in harsh environments.

Point 65°N products fully meet these special needs and that's why we chose to distribute them in Italy.

In this regard, you can request changes and customizations on Boblbee backpacks and accessories, to provide tools for work. We turn to individual customers through the e-commerce site, but we are organized to create customized supplies for public administrations (through the MEPA portal), associations and large companies.


Boblbee series

Robust backpacks with hard shells for natural protection of the back and spine, where computers and other mobile devices are protected. Boblbee is the backpack for motorcyclists of the latest generation as it boasts the highest values of reduction of impact on the back, maintaining its value over time.





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The BOBLBEE BACKPACK offers the user the highest impact reduction rating on the market in the event of an accident and excellent protection for sensitive devices such as laptops, cameras, drones and so on.

The secret lies in the design and materials.


93% impact reduction



✔High protection of the spine
✔Excellent protection of your equipment
✔Award-winning backpack ergonomics
✔Reliable and built to last


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Security by design

Point65 has brought to the market a revolutionary innovation in the concept of hardshell in a backpack. This particular hard shell was created and patented to protect the body and equipment inside with optimal comfort and weight distribution. All this is demonstrated by the results of tests that classify it by far as the best spine protector in the world. The Point65 product lines have received coveted awards in the field of safety and design. They are recognised not only by organisations and institutions around the world, but above all by athletes and professionals who use Point 65 Pack in their daily lives.

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Protection for your back

The rigid shells and shoulder straps of the Point65 Boblbee 25L/20L backpacks have been designed to minimize the impact forces applied to the user's back. With this backpack, in case of strong impact, energy is transferred away from the middle of the back. By distributing the force of the impact from a single point to as large an area as possible, the hard shell creates a shock-absorbing zone capable of dealing with very violent impacts. With an extraordinary average value of 3.4 kN (kilonewton), the Boblbee 25L GTX backpack has achieved certification with a test result never before recorded! In fact, levels 1 and 2 are the two officially recognised impact tolerance limits, according to European Union standards, of which level 2 is the highest certification. We are also particularly proud to have been accredited at the highest level by the TÜV certification body.

Protection for your gear

The Boblbee Point 65 backpacks not only protect your back, but also your equipment and electronic devices are safe. Laptops, tablets, cameras and other valuables or delicate materials are protected from any impact. Backpacks remain intact at the worst impact or accident. Particularly suitable for use by personnel working in the emergency field where the environmental conditions of work are at high risk.


The unique combination of materials and shapes of Point 65 backpacks allows you to have a much higher ergonomics than the products of other competitors. These backpacks offer balanced and stabilizing functions for people on the move. The "S" design with lumbar support system separates the upper "loading zone" from the lower lumbar zone, ensuring excellent weight distribution and reducing stress on the back.

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